About company

About company


Industrial holding “Agrarian Food Technologies” conducts business at the market of ingredients. The company is a legal successor of the Concern “Bears Food Ingredients”, which has began its commercial operations in 1993. Making the way from a distributor of the leading international companies to leader in the Ukrainian ingredient industry. The holding absorbed all the best in itself and introduced the current practices and approaches of doing business. And currently it has been a strong horse with a wide 24-year work experience both at the local and European markets.

Company mission consists in consumer satisfaction – manufacturers of bakery and confectionery products, ice-cream and snack manufacturers, providing the best in the industry bread mixtures, chocolate, confectionery glazes, fats and food flavor agents developed and manufactured with a guaranty of excellent quality, with respect to traditions and passion to innovations.

We think about sales of our customers and partners, that’s why we strive to deliver products which will bring a noticeable increase in sales and profits. All of this is achieved by a close collaboration, ability to hear each other and exact performance of the tasks set.


What is included in the Holding «Agrarian food technologies»

Manufacturing companies of “Agrarian Food Technologies Production” (3 plants)

Specialized enterprise on production of industrial chocolate and glazes for food industry has been working since 1999. Currently it produces a wide range of chocolate masses, confectionery glazes, chocolate drops, fillings for confectionery and bakery products as well as various hand-made chocolate.

Specialized enterprise offering ready solutions for your business – polycomponent mixtures for baking industry, food flavor agents for snack production. Thanks to a wide work experience in bakery, confectionery and food-concentrates industry, we develop all our products ourselves. In its activities the enterprise is oriented on satisfaction of consumer individual needs and aiming for innovations.

The Ukrainian manufacturer of specialized margarins and fats of a wide range for bakery and confectionery industry. The Company is a strong and stable player at the market since 2003.

Trading house

Offers a complex solution for bakery, confectionery, food concentrates, diary and meat industry – various functional mixtures, food flavor agents, confectionery glazes and chocolate, fats and margarines. We cooperate with the Ukrainian and foreign food companies.

Innovation centre

Our manufacturing engineers understand the needs of bakery, confectionery, food concentrates industry, provide their customers with the most suitable solutions, help them to optimize their productive capacity and improve their individuality. Specialists of the Innovation Centre develop technical rules and regulations and formulations for their further implementation at the enterprise. They learn new and update the existing baking technologies, chocolate and margarine production, constantly monitor quality of the manufacturing range under the conditions, maximum approached to production, carry out scheduled and individual seminars for solving certain tasks, arising at the enterprise.

Areas of application of products of Holding "Agrarian Food Technology"